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Hypnosis for Migraines
Balance Hypnosis In Ontario

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Anthony Santen


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Where do your Migraines come from?

Often migraines are started by triggers. Physiological triggers such as stress, foods, etc.

Our Migraine program uses Hypnosis in three ways simultaneously:
- Relaxation
- Root-cause Analysis
- Self-hypnosis

In the session you will experience the beautiful relaxation you need to have relief from your Migraine. I will show you how to fully relax body and mind and provide your inner body with a memory of how to completely relax when needed.

Root-cause Analysis
Using S-Bridge methods we discover not only the triggers, but also the root causes of your migraines. Be it stress, allergies, or other cause. And once we discover the root-cause, together we will find a strategy to deal with it appropriately.

You will learn the art of self-hypnosis for pain management. You will learn to recognize your symptoms and start relaxing through the first pain, then with your own self-hypnosis techniques, you'll be able to remove the pain or reduce it (depending on your particular situation).

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