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What is hypnosis
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What is Hypnosis
What is it NOT

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What is Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a way to assist in transformation of memory, learning, consciousness, behaviors and thought patterns, and/or the facilitation of Mind-Body-Awareness and communication, by partially bypassing the Critical Factor (of the Mind) and assisting in creating internal dialogue and reconstructive replay in trance (Hypnosis) using a Facilitator (Hypnotist).

Really? That's a lot of words, but what does this mean?

Three Main Modes used by Hypnotists in a Therapeutic Setting
Hypnosis is used mainly in one of three ways (sometimes in combination)

1. The most common use of Hypnosis is to create a channel of communication with the subconscious, (by relaxing the 'Critical Factor of the Mind') and thus allowing the subconscious to re-learn beliefs and associative thoughts, feelings and emotions which used to be an obstacle to the client. After Hypnosis, the client becomes more open to experiences and changes that may facilitate their new goals.

2. Hypnosis is used, more and more, to gain access to modes of communication we would otherwise have difficulty accessing, such as: Influencing Mind-Body Connections which control physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Hypnosis is used in Clinical Settings to anaesthetize surgery patients and facilitate relief from chronic pain. In other applications accessing the body's ability to heal itself, adjust chemistry levels, remove emotional, mental, physiological and chemical blockages which inhibit well-being is a powerful tool, available to a hypnosis client to facilitate healing, not available through medical interventions. (Anesthesia used for Surgery and Dental work belongs in this group)

3. People have long known that there is a consciousness which exists beyond our time and place. Some find this in a re-incarnation, life between lives, God, Spirit, Guides, Ghosts, Angels, etc. One of the easiest ways to access this level of Spirituality is through a Hypnotic Trance. It is truly an amazing experience to find yourself answering questions while visiting the past, future or here-and-now in a New Way. Many have found other worlds through meditation, etc.

Guided Hypnotic Trance requires almost no training by the client, and is often accessible during the first encounter with Hypnosis! Amazing worlds open up, and allow you access to answers otherwise hidden to this current world. Even if it is out of pure curiosity, finding answers to complex questions or for inner healing, these worlds are now within reach, using Hypnosis.

There is a fourth mode: Stage Hypnosis.
While it is entertaining to see a shy person do things on a stage that they would only wish they would dare do in any given moment, this form of entertainment is not used in a therapy setting. In fact, due to misconceptions, many people now have a fear of control loss, due to these shows.

Be sure to also read the Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

What is it NOT
I would like to clear a few fears about Hypnosis. Many myths and misconceptions have been spread through fiction and folklore.

While Hypnosis can be used to emphasize and affirm beliefs and feelings about your own Abilities, it cannot be used to control anyone else. In fact, within our own world (of hypnotists talking with other hypnotists) we call each other 'Facilitator', to more closely identify our role in this process. A Facilitator (Hypnotist) acts as a guide, to guide your mind to achieve your goals.

In NO WAY can a Hypnotist 'make you do something' that you didn't want to do.
If Hypnotists could, then there would be hypnotists working hard to control the world, and we would already have world peace....

These are the common misconceptions around Hypnosis:

Hypnotherapy as mind control.
While some organized groups are not in favor of individuals embracing their own powers and following their own Inner-Truth, the leaders of these groups want to spread fears and misconceptions about the use of Hypnosis.

If you would follow their advice, you would believe that hypnosis is mind control, or surrender of will, or worse, is controlled by daemons. While it is possible for a misguided Hypnotist to emphasize negative feelings from a past event, it is our goal to free you from your past and to allow you to step into your future with YOUR new goals. You control your mind, and you re-affirm your new behaviors. Hypnotists merely guide you.

Loss of Consciousness
One of the most common misconceptions surrounding Hypnosis is the idea that you wont remember what happened, or you lose consciousness.

In some of the best fictional writings and movies about ghosts, zombies and vampires this theme seems to come about. In reality no such thing exists.

You can use Hypnosis to help your body relax, prior to going to sleep. You can even use Hypnosis to block pains and slow down your heart rate, etc. But this is done through a focusing, and a concentration in your mind. In fact, you are very much awake, and interacting in the process, you speak, you think, you can move... all while in Hypnosis.

Some people think they were not Hypnotized due to the fact that they were able to hear and understand everything!!! Yes, of course! Hypnosis is an AWARE state. - Very relaxing.

Gullibility or Weak mindedness
Hypnotists can only assist people to become Hypnotized if they are of reasonable intelligence, willing and able to participate in their own Hypnosis. For some strange reason, there are people who believe that a Hypnotist can Hypnotize people against their will.

This is a fun angle for a new book or a person who doesn't want to take responsibility for their own actions, but its not reality. In fact, a weak minded person cannot concentrate enough to stay focused on their own trance... Yes, especially during the first stages of the trance, you must focus on becoming hypnotized.

Fear of not being revived
In a Hypnotic Trance, you rely on your Guide (Hypnotic Facilitator) to keep contact with you through their spoken word. You may experience imagery and feelings in another place and time, but your Hypnotist remains clearly audible at all times.

If the Hypnotist would need to leave the room for more than a few minutes or became ill, they would no longer be speaking to you and you would emerge from hypnosis quickly. You would either emerge alert and awake, or you would emerge by transitioning into a light sleep, from which you will awaken in a few minutes, just as if you had just taken a 'cat nap'.

Under Hypnosis, you cannot be pushed to give up secrets. While you are in a Hypnotic Trance, you may have secret thoughts. You may even discover new feelings. But in order to express these secret thoughts and/or feelings, you would need to engage your critical brain. You can even lie under hypnosis. You never lose control.

Your emergency responses work as normal. In fact, they can be distracting during normal Hypnosis work. A phone ringing or a child calling will emerge a Client immediately. As they prioritize the incoming messages before they are processed, an Emergency message will override any Trance immediately. One of the reasons why hypnotists avoid working in people's own homes is because too many familiar sounds around the home are triggers for emergency response, and make the hypnotic work very difficult.

Relax, Hypnosis is very safe and refreshing for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Be sure to also read the Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

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