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Visiting Balance Hypnosis Ontario

The first visit to a Hypnotist may be a bit new. You have so many questions and maybe some hesitations.

Read on, to see how a typical visit will go, and what you'll be doing:


At your first phone call, we will ask you a few questions, to determine the length of the first visit. Remember, your first 30min consultation is Free of charge and, if you wish, you can continue into the first session immediately following your consultation.
(Total 90min - you pay for 60min) (see FAQ)

What to wear and bring

Wear relaxed clothing. You'll may want to take off your shoes before you relax in the comfy recliner for your session. Otherwise, just be yourself.

We are always dressed in casual clothing and we'll make you feel right at home. If you come direct from work, loosen your tie, belt, hair-tie, watch, etc. and definitely turn your phone off, you never want to be startled back to reality when a reminder beeps on your phone....


First, we'll want to ask some information about you. Why you're seeking assistance, and how this relates to your life. Since Hypnosis uses your own mind and experiences to access the solutions, we would usually ask a few extra question.


You will speak in in a relaxed environment with Anthony himself. He will ask you more questions, and make a plan of action to help you achieve the goal you want to achieve. This is the perfect opportunity to ask lots of questions! I invite you to write down a whole list of questions and bring it with you (or you can email it ahead of time to and I will personally answer your questions by email)

Quick Techniques

In the first session, you will experience a refreshing, relaxing hypnotic state that provides a sense of empowerment and acts as a guide for future sessions which will show the Hypnotist what receptors work best for you personally, and how to access your inner-mind and subconscious.


The Hypnotist will emerge you from your hypnotic state, and discuss the session with you. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback, and talk about how this session was similar or different than your expectations, and if you have any more questions before moving forward with the sessions.

The Plan

Together we will create a personal Plan, as a guideline to the next, working sessions. This plan will form the guideline to the hypnosis work. Together we will determine if we can do the work in one or more sessions. Some work, such as fear of spiders, can often be completed in a single session. Some work, such as weight management, needs to be planned over time.

Each session is designed to build on the previous session and the integration of the work between the sessions. No two sessions are alike. We follow a custom plan (session protocol) that is individually tailored to your needs and change speed. We focus on progress, not repetition. Between sessions you may be given 'homework' which we can integrate into the next session. This approach provides you with the ability to move forward and build on your own, personal power.

Client-Centered Hypnosis (interactive)

We have adopted the most powerful, transformational methods from various expert techniques, and are able to adapt each method to suit your individual situation. Most of our work is 'Client Centered Hypnosis' which simply means that you, the Client, are interactively involved in the solution.

We have found that this way of working provides the highest rate of success and allows the Client insight into the process. Many times, the Client discovers interesting and wonderful things about themselves. Client-Centered Hypnosis is truly a transforming discovery.


In most cases, we would like to see the result of the Hypnosis work. Often a client discovers a freedom and resolution in one area of their life, only to discover that they would like to use Hypnosis to assist them in other areas as well, or simply to answer a few personal questions related to the outcome of the plan.

Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis?

Outside Ontario, this type of work is often referred to as hypnotherapy, but in order to adhere to the new guidelines regarding the use and possible confusion between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy the phrase client-centered hypnosis is used to more closely define the role of a facilitating hypnotist (formally also known as hypnotherapist). The title hypnotherapist has also been replaced by the words Consulting Hypnotist (CH).

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