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Sexual Hypnosis in Ontario
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Anthony Santen


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Sexual Problems

Relationships suffer when there are problems with performance, libido, lack of connection, etc.

Sexual problems are manifestations of warning signs that should not be ignored.

In men and women, these warning signs come in a variety of ways and, in their early stages, can be successfully helped by connecting with the source of the problem through hypnosis allowing the issue to resolve, resulting in renewed interest and energy regarding sexuality and your relationship.

I consult with couples suffering from infertility, sexuality, sensuality, libido and performance. In my office, these are not taboo subjects, and we talk freely about your goals and how we may address them without having to use uncomfortable language or descriptions of graphic nature.

You will be comfortably guided through the conversation, either as a couple, or as an individual.

The sessions are usually conducted on an individual basis.

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