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S-Bridge Healing

Healing the body in Esdaile State from somnambulistic subconscious access

The S-Bridge Healing is based on personal research done by Anthony Santen, into the usefulness of Esdaile State and Sechort State Hypnosis for Guided Inner Healing use.

Healing through Mind-Body Connection
Hypnotism has been used quite successfully for Healing since the time of Franz Anton Mesmer, and is currently being applied in more modern applications including Pain Management, and Cancer Healing, as well as wellness therapies, such as adjusting Body-Chemistry levels, and even HypnoBirthing and Fertility. Each Client is unique, of course, but often brought into deep levels of Hypnosis without a Healing Action Plan. The results of this deep level work is amazing, but is difficult, if not impossible, to guide using currently available methods.

S-Bridge Healing
Somnambulistic Bridge Anchoring
(See Mind-Body Training)
S-Bridge Healing starts from somnambulistic hypnotic state to obtain a deep level hypnotic state without losing communication between subject and Facilitating Hypnotist while accessing Mind-Body Connections available in deeper states, such as the Esdaile State (coma-state) and below (deeper). You may summarize that the Hypnotist first hypnotizes the subject, then hypnotizes their subconscious to access the body's control panels, switches and healing agents.

The Esdaile State
Many Hypnotists have found their Clients fade in-and-out of the Esdaile or Coma state during hypnotic sessions. In recent years, this state has been used to access a state of Hypnosis which is healing, both to mind and body. While obvious responses are noted as a result of this work, the very state (Coma-like) precludes responsiveness of the Client. In fact, response of a Client in Esdaile state is, by its very nature, not possible, or at best, not reliable.

Various Hypnotic Masters have attempted to find ways to communicate with Clients in the Esdaile state, including pseudo- or partial Esdaile state. Until now the paradigm revolved around obtaining reliable responses from a Client in Esdaile State.

With the S-Bridge, the Client makes preliminary adjustments through a 'tunnel' or 'Bridge' to unconscious processes, and the processes become apparent to the Client using the S-Bridge. The Client remains responsive (though slower) as they have no need to enter the Esdaile state itself, until the adjustments are made and the entire Body-System is ready to 'implement' the 'Change Manual'. At this point, the Client enters the Esdaile state for a brief period, partially to implement the changes, and partially as a recreational experience.

As the S-Bridge is still established recalling the Client from Esdaile state is easier than ever before.

The Sechort State
Below the Esdaile State is the Catatonic State and then, below that, the Sechort State (or Ultra-Depth®) named after Walter Sechort, who discovered it. The Sechort State is wonderful for general anesthesia for surgery, but has not, as of yet, been recognized as a healing state.

In fact, when we use the S-Bridge Technique, we're avoiding the State below Esdaile as they tend to make the Client unresponsive. We want to 'program' the healing, then obtain Esdaile State to allow the Healing to create roots and grow.

Why are we avoiding the Esdaile State?
We're not. We're delaying the onset of Esdaile State until we've established a communication bridge. We're avoiding Esdaile State until we're ready to go there in a more controlled way.

A second benefit to going slowly is that the Client prepares to enter this state, and the Hypnotist recognizes when the Client is ready to go in.

Entering the Esdaile State (and beyond)
After entering Esdaile State, the Client loses interest in responding to the Hypnotist. Interestingly, the Hypnotist is still able to communicate with the Client, but often the Client is in such a relaxed state that they are no longer wish to speak or move their arms, etc. in response to questions from the Hypnotist. Through establishing an S-Bridge the Hypnotist and Client continue a communication, which assists the Clients own Internal Healing process.

While in Esdaile State, Clients report the most wonderful, peaceful experiences. The feeling of security provided by the presence of an established S-Bridge allows Clients additional freedoms to explore their Inner World of Wonder, Wisdom and Healing than ever before.

Come Join the Pioneer in S-Bridge Healing, and see how you can influence your own healing from within.

© 2009 - Anthony Santen
Used with permission

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