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Anthony Santen


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I would like to personally welcome you to my new web site. More importantly, I wish to acknowledge your courage to move forward and make real and positive changes to your life. I also wish to thank you for the trust you place in my dedication to helping you progress in this journey.

I am privileged and honoured to be chosen to facilitate important changes in the journeys of people, just like you.

Today, you have made an unforgettable and powerful decision that shows your commitment to real and lasting change.

Hypnotherapy in Toronto, ON - Etobicoke

Anthony Santen, MCHt. NLP CI NC
Master Hypnotist
Certified Instructor

"Your future is closer and more real than you can possibly imagine"

Healers and sages have known for years what science is unraveling today; proof of Mind-Body Connection and the amazing powers of our minds to heal our own bodies and create a more balanced and peaceful mind are now scientifically recognized. Since the Nobel Prize for this very proof of Mind-Body Connection was awarded to Roger Guillemin and Andrew Schally (1977), there have been many new and wonderful discoveries made of how hypnosis can be used in healing the mind and the body.

Make today your day for positive decisions; a day of progress, opportunities and realistic goals. Hypnosis is amazing, peaceful, empowering and very, very relaxing. Take control of your fears and habits.
Take control of your life.

Not all hypnosis is the same. Hypnotists have various skills and tools in our toolbox. Hypnosis for relaxation is a different approach to hypnosis for change or hypnosis for fertility. I have created special programs for people with bowel problems such as IBS, Crohn's, IBD and UC. I use amazing, scientifically based, techniques for reproductive issues in the Hypnosis for Fertility program. In the "Path Within" program you discover your life's journey in your own way, guiding you from within.

Come for a FREE, no obligation consultation. We speak privately and openly about how hypnosis works and how it can help you make the changes you truly want.

No 'Hocus Pocus Placebo' I promise! In my work, I aim for progress using real, leading edge methods and the latest Mind-Body Techniques. Hypnosis may be, without a doubt, the answer you've been looking for.

I invite you to look through the web site, and come to your own conclusions. Everyone is unique, and I approach you as a unique individual. I do not use 'canned hypnotherapy scripts', my approach is individualized and client centered. And no two people are alike. Please phone to make your first appointment, Free of charge.


Anthony Santen, MCHt. NLP CI NC

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