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Past Life Regression - PLR

Many people benefit from Past Life Regression and Life-between-lives sessions. Help and Healing have come in a variety of areas including spiritual, emotional, mental and even in physical ways.

In many instances, the deep understanding of the Akashic memories carried forward by our souls into this current lifetime helps us understand our path and soul journey. We hold on to emotional energies, arising from our past lives and re-learn lessons we were unable to complete.

Soul Circle

The souls we know around us, accompany us in past and future lives. We currently call this group of souls our 'Soul Circle'. During our time between lives, we make contracts with the souls we know, to learn together and ascend together.

During Past Life Regression sessions, you may journey through several lifetimes to connect and understand your Past Lives' journeys and lessons.

Between deaths and rebirths, we will examine these lives and their significance to your current life before moving to the next.

Many lives

You may need to examine more than one past life. And you may need to visit these lives in your own sequence. Many people experience many lives during these sessions which allow them to release their emotional memories, gaining valuable insight and healing in their current lifetime.

Are you ready to explore imprints from Past Life Memories, Inter Life Contracts and even the future?

Short Cuts

Please understand that this subject is both controversial and needs to be approached with the respect that it deserves. As a Past Life Facilitator, I will be your guide and facilitator.

There are no short cuts. Please be patient with yourself and allow us to explore the various aspects and impressions made by your current life before we journey beyond.

Current Life

The most important reason we are curious about Past Lives and Life Between Lives is to understand our current life. We can only properly relate our Past Lives to our current life's journey if we make a deep and intimate, accepting connection with ourselves and the way our soul has manifested the current journey.

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