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Free Hypnosis Download: Relax NOW!

Available only from Balance Hypnosis:

Relax NOW! 
A short induction for an overwhelmed mind.  Simple to do in your lunch time, on the bus, or when you want to take a short break

This track will help you find a relaxed state in minutes. It is a quick and easy session you can do any time you need a few minutes to yourself. This track is not a deep trance track, but a nice way to slow down before bed or as a way to process some of your stress.

If you have never been hypnotized before, and you would like to know what it feels like, this is a good way of spending 10 minutes of your day.

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License and copyright:
This CD was created by Anthony Santen, MCHt. NLP CI NC and is Copyright (c) 2009 Anthony Santen
You may copy this CD in its entirety to give away to clients or for self use. You may not copy less than the entire CD, alter the track order or edit the content.
You can repackage the CD as a compilation with other CDs or media, as long as the CD is provided UN-Edited, and THIS FULL copyright notices applied to the CD-FACE and accompanying documentation.
NO CLAIM IS MADE as to the suitability of these recordings for your purposes. No Warranties are made - expressed or implied regarding these recordings. YOU MUST ASSESS if hypnosis may be suitable for your particular needs and/or if you will benefit from hypnosis. Hypnosis may not be suitable for you. Please note that it can be extremely dangerous to listen to these recordings while operating a vehicle or any machinery that requires your attention. Please find a place where you will not be disturbed, and can relax without interruption.

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