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and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS / ME / PVFS

These are all related but very different problems.
The expertise required to deal with one affliction requires the understanding of all. The care, commitment and involvement of both therapist and client need to be considered which lead, through careful monitoring and bold and open communication to real and lasting progress. Please be aware that there are vastly different causes and symptoms which contribute to the syndromes and their cures, many of which can be uniquely facilitated through hypnosis or other healing modalities.

How can Hypnosis help you?

Hypnosis, when applied and provided by skilled Hypnotherapists in true synergistic collaboration with the client:

  • Does not attack the symptoms and thus conserves energy to working on uncovering the root causes of the illnesses.
  • Aims to disassociate the drama that embellish the symptoms, finding unconventional and personalized ways to separate and prioritize what the client needs for their unique journey.
  • Hypnosis doesn't feed the struggle. You are provided with tools that are easily learned and used to find internal solace and trust, ease and relief from the people and situations that drain your energy and resources.
  • Hypnosis refocuses you to look at the underlying issues.
  • Hypnosis helps you regain control of our own health and refocuses you on your Personal Power and responsibility in your own healing.

Hypnotherapeutic methods empower you to heal, to allow you to listen to your body, how it is telling you what's wrong and then to take action. Action for life, for vitality. Not as a victim, but as a powerful whole being, full of energy, entitled to create your own happiness, fulfillment, contributions....

These diseases are based on auto-immune responses and are often associated with inner conflict, trauma and manifestations of past hurts and external causes.

Hypnosis allows you to regain control of your life. It allows you to see yourself for who you can be, and sets you on a path to healing the hurts, conflicts, trauma that feed the disease leaving you stronger with the ability to find the inner strength to resist new inflammations taking hold.

With the unique understanding of how your inner manifestations allow you to feed or to control the disease, you quickly learn new ways to live - past the symptoms that used to control you. With renewed understanding of the balance within and the choices you have control over.

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