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What is Hypnosis
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Frequently Asked Questions

about Hypnosis

Is Hypnosis Medical?
Can I be Hypnotized?
Can I try Hypnosis first?
I'm not so gullible... will it still work?
My friend tried Hypnosis once, and it didn't work...
I don't want to become a different person.
Can you make me do things I don't want to?
How much (of the session) will I remember?
Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis?
Can I go about my day after the session?
How long does it take to start working?
How many sessions do I need?
Is each session the same, or is each session different?
Is my first session free of charge?
What about emergencies?

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous to use Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of mind that is quite natural. When you sit on a bench on a Sunday afternoon and your mind drifts, or when you are driving and your mind drifts, or you become involved in the story of a movie.... all of these things are Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is when we use your minds ability to drift, and guide it to new, beneficial thoughts, beliefs and feelings. It's really quite an empowering and rewarding experience. In fact, its a well-deserved relaxing experience.

Is Hypnosis Medical?

It can be. Some forms of Hypnosis are used as Medical tools. The most obvious one would be to help people find a calmness from within without using medication which could have harmful side effects or could be addictive. Hypnosis has no harmful side effects and is Medically Safe.

In 1958 the American Medical Association added Hypnosis to its catalogue of practices recognized in Medical Applications. We've come a long way since then, including Dental and Surgical anesthesia and Chronic Pain Management, Mindful Healing and other Medically useful applications.

To be clear, a Stage Hypnotist does not need a Medical designation to allow people to perform, but a Hypnotist who uses Hypnosis for Surgical Anesthesia, must either have a medical designation themselves or be under instruction of a qualified physician.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Let's try an experiment. Yes, right here and now. Are you ready?

Alright then, lets for a moment think about the weather outside. Hmm.... just imagine the actual weather (take a peak through the window if you have to). Now, imagine a simple change in the weather. Some soft little cloud floats in and hovers right above your area. It's a soft and cute little cloud, and its really brave. The little cloud is fluffy and white, and very soft and cute. This little cloud looks around you and sees all the weather you're experiencing... (just imagine the little cloud looking around and thinking to itself that it wants to change your weather!)....

So this little cloud becomes bigger and bigger, and as it does so... it's absorbing all the weather around you. Its soaking up all the weather around you and growing and growing and growing until it can't get any bigger. It's so puffy and big that it's little cheeks are bellowing... they're so full.

Of course, I could continue with this story, and you could imagine it along with me.... Let's finish the story, now, with a quick and happy ending for the little cloud... More importantly we can conclude that that you can be easily hypnotized. If you were smiling at the thought of this little cute cloud, your ability to be hypnotized increases THREE FOLD.

Really... it's that easy to be hypnotized, its all in your own mind and the power of your own imagination.

Download a Free Relaxation Track you can use RIGHT NOW!

Can I try Hypnosis first...?

Of Course! Click here to download a Free Trial.
Put it on your favorite MP3 player and go into a relaxing trance any time you want! (8 minutes).

I'm not so gullible... will it still work?

Gullibility and Hypnotizability are not the same. If you're in a state of guided hypnosis, you are working towards your own goals. This is believable, not gullible.

My friend tried Hypnosis once, and it didn't work...

If you're not ready to make the change then don't try hypnosis. You're simply wasting time and money.

If you are ready to make a real and lasting change in your life and look forward to a new life with new freedoms and a renewed outlook, then you're ready to work with hypnosis and really find the motivation inside yourself to make that change. Often clients come to us with what we call an 'Inner Conflict' or 'Secondary Gain'. We work with your 'Inner Self' to help you in achieving your new goals.

Not all hypnotists use advanced hypnosis techniques.
Balance Hypnosis is run by a Certified Hypnosis Instructor, and Author of "Mind and Body - S-Bridge Anchoring Techniques for Hypnotists and Trance Workers". Certified to the highest standard of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest hypnosis organization in the world. You'll be in the best hands possible

I don't want to become a different person.

I hear this quite often. When you do the Hypnotic work, you will gain new insights, new Inner Knowledge and make beneficial changes from within.

Any suggestions which you may feel to be in conflict, right now, of your true-self, will automatically be rejected by the Critical Factor of your mind. There is no change to your True-Self. You will simply have more tools in your Mental Toolbox to achieve the Better version of YOU, that you've always wanted.

Can you make me do things I don't want to?

No. We don't use "brain-washing" techniques. While Hypnosis has been used in training camps in collaboration with brainwashing, it also requires seclusion and physical exhaustion in a 'camp-like' isolation... The simple answer remains: NO!

There is also no actual mind control (even in the above scenario). Your mind is always your own mind.

You simply take an hour or two out of your day to relax your body and mind, and work towards positive, new goals, which are easily achieved. In fact, if the suggestions provided to your subconscious are not believable, you will not allow them in!

Example: We sometimes have to lose weight at 1-2 ounces a day, rather than 2 pounds a week!!! (2 pounds may not be a believable number, and no results are achieved. 1-2 ounces a day are easily understood and the subconscious believes the suggestion - WITH SUCCESS)

How much (of the session) will I remember?

All of it. You will hear and understand the entire session. You will remember all of the session. You will even do the exercises from the session when you're out of Hypnosis.

During the session, you will participate by responding to questions and explaining images or feelings you experience. You will hear and speak as you normally do. Most sessions are done with closed eyes, as visual distractions tend to bring a person out of Hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis?

Outside Ontario, this type of trance work is often referred to as hypnotherapy, but in order to adhere to the new guidelines regarding the use and possible confusion between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy the phrase client-centered hypnosis is used to more closely define the role of a facilitating hypnotist (formally also known as hypnotherapist). The title hypnotherapist has been replaced by the words Consulting Hypnotist (CH). In Ontario there are still many hypnotists who refer to themselves as Hypnotherapist but according to guidelines issued by the NGH the term hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy will be retired in favour of the new terms Consulting Hypnotist and Hypnosis for Change.

Can I go about my day after my hypnosis session?

Yes, you can. You will feel as if you had a little afternoon nap. And in many ways, you have (with exception of the sleep; you will not have slept). Your body will feel relaxed and refreshed, and you'll be ready to face the rest of the day after a few stretches and a couple of deep renewing breaths.

How long does it take to start working?

It STARTS to work right away. Some of the processes take a little time to fully manifest themselves. Weight loss or Fertility, by their nature take more time than a less severe case of fear (such as spiders or bugs).

You may feel a change right away. Some people feel deeper changes after a few nights of sleep and others only realize the change after they react differently to a Subsequent Event.

How many hypnosis sessions do I need?

Most people need to become familiar with Hypnosis. This may take as little as 10 minutes and the work can start right away. Some may need a full hour to experience a relaxed mind and body. We will determine the number of sessions based on experience and results.

For less complex issues we may only need 1 session, with a follow-up. For more deep-rooted issues we aim to work within 4-6 sessions.

Is my first hypnosis session free of charge?

Your In-take and assessment are free of charge. Sometimes we are able to start working right away, in which case the session work is charged, and only the first portion of the first session is free, but you'll be ahead on your first session already! Call Now for your FREE Hypnosis Consultation

Hypnosis Emergencies

You will at all times be able to attend to any emergency that arises. Many of our Clients want to use the bathroom during a longer session. We simply interrupt our work, and continue after the little break.

One of the reasons we want you to come to our office, is because familiar distractions in your home may alert you out of hypnosis, such as the phone ringing, a familiar voice outside or sometimes even laundry or cooking smells.

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