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Holistic Approach to Symptoms of Depression

If depression is a disease, curable through drugs, then why is it, that people can take depression pills for many years without solving their feelings. And why is it, that some of the exact same people, overcome their depression when their life's circumstances improve?

  • People who have been depressed for years
    • Are cured in a heartbeat when they fall in love!
    • Are cured when they get a new job or promotion
    • Are cured when they start playing an instrument
    • Are cured when they join a social group or a peer group

Think about how your life would improve if you dealt with the root causes of your depression.

Of course some of the root causes are irreversible, and seem so hopeless at times, yet most people do completely recover through their depression.
  • In cases such as:
    • Relationship problems
    • Death of a Family Member (Loss)
    • Job Loss - or other permanent job situation
    • Problems with Life's Outlook (Hope)
    • Unhappiness (Dysphoria)
    • Feeling misunderstood and alone (Detachment)
    • Difficulty participating in popular activities (Separation)

I would like to ask you to think about, and then answer this question for yourself:

  • Is your depression the cause of your problems or is it a result of your problems?

In many cases, depression is not the cause of the problem. Depression is the reaction to a combination of life's circumstances and not the cause itself. It does seem true, that when you feel negative, your world responds back to you in a more negative way also, but creating a lasting change requires us to work with the circumstances. Not by suppressing the depression response, but by addressing the root causes of your feelings.

As a Breakthrough Coach and Hypnotherapist, I have studied the Mind-Body Connection and the Mind-Brain Co-creation and in my personal opinion, depression serves as one of the brain's primary healing responses, and we're disabling this healing function severely, if we interfere with the chemistry required to allow the healing.

The fact that any person is capable of becoming depressed, leads me to believe that depression is a natural occurrence. In fact, it turns out that Melancholy, one of the earliest diagnoses of depression, has been identified and recognized as a problem for centuries. Its first cure was discovered by Franz Anton Mesmer and Benjamin Franklin who used Hypnotherapy to affect a cure.

Together we work with

Mind and Body
to Discover your New Life !

Whether you are taking Medication for your Depression or not, there are many factors which contribute to dealing with the root causes of depression and depression related problems.

Together we work with the issues that can alleviate your Depression Causes and the Symptoms Naturally and Holistically. Using Mind and Body.

Please phone me personally to schedule your free, in-office consultation.

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