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Pain Management with Hypnosis
Balance Hypnosis In Ontario

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Chronic Pain Management with Hypnosis

Using Hypnosis for Pain Management allows you to take back some control and create your own relief.

Often, pain medication dulls the pain, but also dulls everything else.
If you don't take the drugs, you constantly think about your pain.
If you DO take the drugs, you can't think clearly due to the drugs.

Hypnosis can help create lucid pain free times where you can think about other things than your pain. Creative or even happy thoughts can freely flow and your other senses are fully alert....

Imagine a time when you can sit outside in a field of grass. The sun, the wind, the clouds all contribute to a sense of peace. Now imagine a faint sweet smell of a flower, someone's perfume, a Barbeque.... without the distraction of the chronic pain or the drugs that dull them....

Hypnosis gives you this promise of opportunity

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