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Hypnotherapy Etobicoke and Hypnosis Therapy Training - Depression or Unhappy with your life?
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Hypnotherapy and Depression

People who have depression or need to deal with Anxiety and who want to escape the silence, are looking to find the happiness and reconnect with their spiritual self-worth, become proud of who they are Awaken spiritually and embrace personal power.
If you are ready to embrace life and reject fear. 

Feeling Rejected

f you’re asking yourself why I feel rejected, why do I feel hopeless and carry the signs of betrayal, and the burden of abuse, or want to get out of my relationshipRunning away from your problems is not the answer.

Regression Therapy for Anxiety

Do you feel guilty about your past, or do you have emptiness inside or feel sadnesssuffering in silence dealing with your past memories? Do you want to escape the Silence and live with Pride and Joy and Find Personal Pleasure, True Happiness and Love a Personal Choice.  Are you an Abuse Survivor  and want to finally deal with the past.  Are you ready to embrace life again?

Past Life

If you have ever felt the loneliness and rejection, the fears and feeling like you want to run away.  Maybe its time to Lose yourself in Love even after being heartbroken (you know... lost in love), maybe saying I love you or feeling loved again is all it takes to choose to start again.  Escape your feelings of Depression, Lose your feelings of sadness, feeling unhappy about your life and start believing in Personal Choice and Living an Authentic Life without Running away and feeling the Hopelessness of Life as a burden, but embracing the joy of living as a Sovereign being.  Deserving of a Life you believe in and clearly identifying your sovereign being.


No more depression! No more anxiety! Find the secrets to reduce stress now
Unhappy lives change, so you can rediscover pleasure. You can Embrace your Inner Self, become your true self,  Learn the true meaning of life, and getting the love you want, become the person you need to be.  Ask yourself; Ask – Why not me? I’m a survivor of life! I survived being abused and violated every day, I feel wronged, I have overcome hopelessness and felt the tears of sadness and feeling lost, wanting to escape the hurt.
If you’ve ever felt the feelings of Restlessness, even restless leg syndrome (RLS), have difficulty concentrating or your concentration simply isn’t what it used to be, you may benefit from following the path within program.  You know the feeling of not being motivated, you can’t concentrate on anything.  You lack the motivation to pursue your true calling or get motivated for life and pursue your dreams without loss of concentration or Helplessness from SSRI’s or Anti-Depressant Addiction.

Feeling Alone

If you’re feeling alone; you’re not alone in feeling alone!  That Lonely feeling may be a perception of your moods and life focus.  You may benefit from rejecting some of your old beliefs and re-learning how to connect with your true self; connect with Love and Life.
You No longer hang on desperately to feeling stuck or that awkwardness inside. Feeling Alienated, abandoned and alone becomes a thing of the past.  Freaking out – inside your mind – can give you feelings of awkwardness; even make you afraid to approach men and women you like!  Can you imagine feeling fine to approach a woman you would like to get to know better?

I want to feel better

If you’re wanting to feel fine without SSRI and to live a life without anti-depressants and still connect with people and Live Life My Way without the painfully low energy and self-esteem issues that come from your Life’s circumstances, you may want to consider looking at this website: or speaking with me in a free consultation.
Ask yourself: Why I’m lost or what about life feels hopeless.  Are you ready to reject loneliness and feel like Embracing Love into your live, are you ready for love? Life and love are choices you can connect with.  Without feeling depressed, or empty.  You can live a free life, rediscover yourself in new ways, filled with beauty and connection, filled with love! To Truly rediscover happiness and love

Hypnosis Therapy

Using Hypnosis to delete the Pain and overcome the rejection is done by connecting with the root causes of your tears and to bring the feelings of hopelessness back into perspective.  To stop the suffering and start a life of choice and Personal Growth and soul coaching – even Personal Transformation, ready to embrace your fears.  Not by escaping into the mind, but to find true happiness and erase the deep scars and emotional wounds through Powerful Proven Techniques such as reducing fears and reframing the past, addressing loneliness and emotional distress. Start saying to yourself: How do I improve.


So, even if you don’t want to be happy and you just want contentment, you may need help finding yourself through Self-improvement and Self-DevelopmentPositive thinking helps, but is only one of the tools for life; but to Learn Life Skills (or Life Skill Development), provides ways to be happy in life, rediscover life and have positive expectations and real appreciation for yourself and others around you.  Eagerness and annoying.
No More energy issues through mind-body techniques and Holistic ways to Enhance Energy Naturally, bring you self-confidence, self-esteem and even lose weight at the same time.  If you lose your temper often or need anger management, learn to turn anger into passion, understand the difference between intense and passionate

Are You Ready ?

to turn your life around?

Do you want to be free from a life-long sentence of depression, anxiety, guilt, shame and anger? Do you want to stop feeling like a victim?

The Path Within approach will enable you to take back control of your life. To work through life's most challenging moments with grace, clarity and focus to create positive and permanent change.

"Your future is closer and more real
than you can possibly imagine"

The Path Within®

Don't wait: Call Today
and make TODAY THE DAY
You Change Your Life Forever

Transforming Therapies that Work

  • Transform Your Life
  • Understand where it went wrong
  • Overcome your past
  • Learn answers to major life questions
  • Create your own destiny

It's easier than you might think. We make rapid progress and create clarity quickly.

Take control of your life today. Awaken the amazing person you are inside and find your Personal Power from deep within your Core Being.

Discover proven techniques, that transform stress, depression symptoms, sleep issues, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, lack of desire, etc. etc.

Balance Hypnosis uses Proven Techniques to leverage the power within all of us to take ownership of our lives and relationships enabling us to move forward into a real and inclusive future, full of possibilities, awakening our true potential.


What it would be like to ...

Get the answers you've been searching for..

Be ready to embrace the possibilities...

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the FREE, no obligation consultation and speak privately and openly about how hypnosis can help you create the changes you deserve. Also, enquire about creating your personal future and work directly towards what you truly want using our unique and transformational Path Within Program

Start making immediate and positive changes using the power of your Mind-Body Connection.

You participate in real therapeutic hypnosis techniques, tailored to suit your individual needs by a certified, leading edge research author, teacher and Consulting Hypnotist using a combination of proven classical hypnosis and leading edge Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniques developed to maximize your results!

One of my clients recently wrote:
"Thank you Anthony for helping me to greatly improve my quality of life.
I feel so lucky that I found you."


"I could tell throughout the sessions that you do this with your heart."

Read testimonials from real clients ...

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Be one step ahead of Depression Naturally


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Reduce and Manage Stress for Health



Loving, Intimate and Nurturing Relationships


Tools You Need to Live the Life you Want

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Here are some questions you may ask yourself today:

  • Are you aware of your goals, needs and wants?
  • Do you want a plan of action, a real change - and for good?
  • What will your answer be, when your friends ask you "How are you?"
  • Are you ready to feel good. Confident, Calm and in Control?
  • Are you ready to look good and be healthy? Free from bad habits, excess weight. Maybe you want to connect with your Inner Mind, your Life's Wisdom, Soul Mission or the Mind-Body-Connection?

You are making the first real steps towards your goals already...

Hypnosis is an amazing technique used by very successful people everywhere and every day to bring out their full potential. Harnessing the power from within to set and achieve their goals. My approach is bold and empowering, complete and transforming. You define your own limits.

Hypnosis is famously popular!

Some famous and successful people who use hypnosis to become or remain successful in their life and career:

  • President Barack Obama
  • Princess Diana of Wales
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Oprah
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Kevin Costner
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Bruce Willis
  • James Earl Jones
  • Matt Damon
  • Shirley MacLaine
  • Tiger Woods
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Shaquille O'Neal
  • Henry Ford
  • Jackie Kennedy - Onassis
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Thomas Edison
  • Albert Einstein
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Amadeus Mozart
  • Mark Knopfler
  • Walt Disney
    ... to name just a few

Browse through the pages, and come to your own conclusions. Everyone is unique, and I approach you as a unique individual. I do not use 'canned scripts', my approach is individualized and client centered. No 2 people are alike. Please phone to make your first appointment, Free of charge.

Ontario Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis Ontario
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Through Balance Hypnosis in Ontario. A group of enthusiastic and highly skilled Consulting Hypnotists - ready and comitted to helping you make changes and transitions using Hypnosis!

Hypnosis in Ontario and Balance Hypnosis Ontario are both search engine terms this web site may be found under. The practitioners that work for Balance Hypnosis are located througout the GTA, in various parts of Toronto and in Toronto - West, Ajax and surrounding areas. The many applications of hypnosis become clear when you look at the growing library of proven hypnosis scripts. Currently we have access to over 1500 unique scripts covering all sorts of situations; from Alcohol to Anger and Fears to Fertility and developing spirituality, mindfulness and wellness.

Hypnosis Certification Course

We provide FREE DOWNLOAD SCRIPTS for clients to test out, and an NGH Certification Course for becoming a Hypnotist. A Certified Hypnotist in Ontario! We use Biofeedback for hypnosis where appropriate and needed. This web site is not affiliated with Hypno-Healing Institute or Ontario Hypnosis Centre in any way. HypnoFertility Canada is a trademark of Goo Fusion Corp. and is not related to the HypnoFertility Foundation or Lynsi Eastburn


Hypnosis in Ontario is a controversial subject, and may use methods which are not yet completely understood by modern science. Methods used are recognized by both the American Medical Association as the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council and the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) as safe and beneficial as long as the practitioner abides by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Titles, Ethics,Standards and Terminology.

Balance Hypnosis Training in Ontario has strict guidelines and policies to ensure that our hypnotists follow and abide by Local, National and International laws. Please find your hypnotherapist carefully. Well intentioned unqualified hypnotherapy may not be safe or may imprint memories or situations which are outside their field of practice or could cause long term memories or beliefs to be or become less clear and may even emphasize false memories, leading hypnotic outcomes etc. Certain Hypnosis Techniques such as Past Life Regression are for recreational purposes only and must not be used as a form of regression therapy (or any therapy).


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be powerful and transforming.
Because hypnotists and trance workers work with the subconscious mind, hypnosis, when properly applied, can make significant changes in ways unique to hypnosis.

Burn Out

Hypnosis is not a cure in itself.
Hypnosis, when used in combination with mindfulness, traditional medicine and under supervision of a qualified primary care giver has been accredited with assisting and significantly improving successful outcome and/or symptom management.
Hypnosis and trance work should never be viewed as a panacea or a cure-all.
Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can be used in individual cases to assist and enhance treatment programs prescribed by primary care givers.